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Choose a comfortable and eco-friendly yoga mat

Choose a comfortable and eco-friendly yoga mat

Jul 26,2022
Have you ever wondered what your mat is made of? This is a public service advertisement about your yoga mat for all yoga experts, novices and intermediaries. The yoga world has embarked on a movement called the "Plastic-Free Yoga Revolution."

Of course, our mat requirements vary, but ultimately we want a yoga mat that is comfortable, reliable and durable. This applies to the yoga we practice and our specific body type. This is necessary stuff.

Since yoga has become so popular, the quality of the mat is reaching new standards. Eco-friendly yoga mats are in high demand right now because they are recyclable, better for the ecosystem and better for our bodies.

Plastic yoga mats from the past decade are cheap (and not recyclable)
Of course, those cheap plastic yoga mats that were popular decades ago are still around. Makes sense - they're cheaper, but there's a catch. They are made of plastic and synthetic materials. So not only are they harmful to landfills and can't be recycled, but they contain toxic substances, and who wants to put bodies on them! ?

The good news is that Wholesale natural rubber yoga mats secondpagesport is following this eco-friendly trend and has plenty to choose from. There are plenty of eco-friendly yoga mats to choose from that are flexible and comfortable. Eco-friendly brands are made from different textures such as cotton, cork and even jute, which are eco-friendly, comfortable and durable.

OK -- now that you've narrowed your choices down to eco-friendly brands, here are some other ideas to consider when shopping for a new yoga mat:

Do you prefer rough or soft...cushions?
If you want a rougher, eco-friendly texture, choose one made from a cork yoga mat. Rougher mats are better suited for more advanced yoga styles. If you're just starting out, you'll be doing more stretching, so softer jute or cotton pads may be better for you. The traction of the pad is also important so you get the right grip when switching positions, I mean posture.
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