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Choose an Eco-friendly Yoga Mat for your yoga practice

Choose an Eco-friendly Yoga Mat for your yoga practice

Feb 16,2022
Fifteen years ago, there was only one basic type of yoga mat—made of PVC and known for its stickiness—and your only choice was to buy purple or blue. There are now yoga mats for every priority and preference.

In addition to a color and pattern that suits your style, your yoga mat needs to keep your posture stable; it needs to be storable and portable, yet comfortable and comfortable. You may also want your mat to be an eco-friendly yoga mat. These aspects of your cushion's personality are all influenced by how the cushion is made: how thick it is, what it's made of, and the texture of its surface.

This blog post helps you find a yoga mat supplier you can be perfectly happy with - one that fits your practice, priorities, lifestyle, values and budget. No matter what the store tells you, it's the best yoga mat for you!

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat - Secondpagesport Eco Everyday Yoga Mat
Made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and recycled materials, our Eco Yoga Mats offer an innovative solution to environmental waste. It is recyclable, biodegradable, and free of toxic chemicals and dyes. It's 4mm thick for ample cushioning, and its textured surface provides excellent grip, ensuring you can focus on your practice without distractions.

Options: Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually made from natural or recycled rubber. These yoga mats may also include natural materials such as jute or organic cotton.

Basic Buying Guide: If being eco-friendly is important to you, avoid yoga mats made of PVC (traditional sticky mats), which won't break down in landfills and are difficult and expensive to recycle. Rubber, jute, and cotton yoga mats, while available in a variety of thicknesses, tend to be thicker and smoother than PVC mats. You can get an eco-friendly yoga mat that's thick enough to meet your needs for comfort and portability, with textures that prevent slipping (like a raised geometric pattern).

Secondpagesport ECO Mat eliminates the environmental cost of manufacturing synthetic rubber and plastics. It's also fully recyclable, so once you're ready to replace it, you can rest easy. It's also UV resistant so you won't fade or spoil from sun exposure. It is latex, chloride and PVC free. Most notably, it's extremely lightweight. While it's grippy and sticky, it's not the most cushioned pad out there. The pads are double-sided so you can rotate them front to back and top to bottom for very long-lasting results that wear out on the pads even with heavy use. It's also affordable and comes in a range of attractive designs.
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