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The difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat

The difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat

May 07,2022
Mats are probably one of the most versatile sports accessories. You can use the mat for many different workouts and sports, not just fitness or yoga. They come in different thicknesses, can be made from a variety of materials, and often you can choose interesting colors and prints as well.

You can also choose from different types of cushions. For example, you can choose between a yoga mat and a gym mat. But what's the difference, do you really need a mat for yoga and a mat for fitness?
What is the difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat?
A yoga mat is not the same as a gym mat, and they differ in many important ways. When choosing a mat, you can consider these points. We will list it for you here.

If you put the two pads together, you will immediately see a noticeable difference. Gym mats are thicker. Standard yoga mats are usually between four and six millimeters thick. Do you need more support for your yoga practice, such as practicing power yoga? Then it is best to choose a thicker mat to maintain more stability when doing yoga. If you practice yoga at home, a thicker mat will work. Do you often carry a yoga mat with you, for example to a yoga class or to the park? Then choose thinner pads. You can easily roll it up and take it with you.

The thickness of fitness mats is usually between one and one and a half centimeters. Thicker mats are more comfortable because workout loads are usually larger.

Do you do a lot of balance exercises? You can perform them more easily on thinner pads. The thicker the mat, the more stability is required, which comes at the expense of a balance exercise.

In addition to the thickness of the cushion, density is also important. Higher density ensures greater stability and comfort. Do the exercises you do put a heavier load on the mat? Then choose a denser pad.

Environmentally friendly
Are you environmentally conscious? Do you want an eco-friendly yoga mat? Choose the Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat.

Yoga mats have a better surface structure than gym mats. When using yoga, you usually have to hold certain poses, for which you need to grip the mat more. So the structure of the cushion is relatively rough. Because you usually sweat a little more when you work out, gym mats are smoother and easier to clean.
Most yoga mats are made of PVC. This material is strong, high quality and rigid and will last for years with normal use and good maintenance.

Gym mats are usually made of rubber, polymer or neoprene. So it's a little thicker than PVC and fits better on your elbows and knees when you're exercising. Also, the mat won't slide under you easily, even if you do exercises that increase the load on the mat.

When to choose a fitness mat?
If you do exercises that put more pressure on the mat, such as abdominal exercises or weight training, a fitness mat is best. This cushion provides more support because it is thicker. Practice becomes more comfortable because the surface is softer. Plus, you don't have to worry about the mat suddenly flying off from under you while you practice. Gym mats are also easy to clean.
When to choose a yoga mat?
A yoga mat is ideal if you practice yoga on a hard surface like your living room floor or yoga studio. The mat is more comfortable, warmer for hands and feet, and prevents you from slipping. Plus, it's more hygienic because yoga can make you sweat a lot.
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