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Prepare a Mat with Alignment Guide for At-Home Contact Yoga

Prepare a Mat with Alignment Guide for At-Home Contact Yoga

Mar 22,2022

In the physical practice of yoga, we often talk about the importance of alignment, the "best" way to do each pose. Best is enclosed in quotes here, as it is not a value judgment. It's not about comparing yourself to anyone else or improving feats of extreme strength or flexibility. Instead, it means doing each pose in the way that works best for your body.


While institutions vary, there are some guidelines we can all follow. If we find that these guidelines don't work for our bodies, it's time to try variation or use props that support healthy alignment so we can develop good habits and, most importantly, avoid injury. Some types of injuries are immediately apparent, but others can occur over time with the effects of incorrect alignment practice. We can prevent most of these repetitive injuries by establishing best alignment practices early on.


Instant feedback

As you begin your yoga journey with a great teacher and take regular classes, you'll get immediate feedback on your alignment. As your body awareness increases, you can better adjust your posture to follow your teacher's demonstrations and verbal cues. Self-correction is actually a fairly advanced yoga skill, but the right tools can make it more accessible to all yogis practicing at home.


A yoga mat with alignment guides is one of the most effective ways to improve your home practice. Secondpagesport's Align Yoga Mat System is a flexible and intuitive guide right on the surface of each of our mats, and in our wildly biased opinion, it's the best alignment mat out there.



The secondpagesport's central line makes it very easy to see and correct asymmetry in real time, improving your stability and making your posture more balanced. The midline is also key to understanding how to set up your feet in standing poses like Warrior I and Warrior II. For example, a teacher might refer to "the heel aligns with the arch," but that usually doesn't make sense until you see the line connecting the front heel to the rear arch.


Alignment is also an important part of developing your body awareness, which is a great benefit of yoga. Sensing your body's position in space and being able to feel it when your body is misaligned can strengthen the mind-body connection, which can make you feel more focused and improve your well-being.


No, it's not how wide your hamstrings are when you fold forward, we're talking about the flexibility of your alignment guides yoga mat  . Many alignment pads are overly complicated and only work when you place your hands and feet in very specific areas. Secondpagesport's system is designed to be simple and flexible, so it quickly becomes second nature to use, for a variety of bodies and practice styles.



The secondpagesport yoga mat is made in a completely unique way to provide the best grip for your practice. If you're new to yoga, you probably haven't given much thought to the importance of grip strength. This is one of the biggest problems with most yoga mats, which is why you may see other students laying a pile of mat towels on the mat. These towels are designed to wick away sweat so your hands and feet don't slip out in the middle of the pose. These extra layers become completely unnecessary when you have a pad that is specifically designed to prevent slippage through its innovative construction.


Secondpagesport PU yoga mat makes the surface very grippy, so it won't slip on the mat even if you sweat. A pad with good grip is an underrated tool when it comes to alignment. If you slip out of the pose or overcompensate because you are used to slipping, your alignment will suffer.


Home but not alone

Practicing at home has many advantages (you can choose the time, place, and style), but it can be difficult for beginners to get the feedback needed to build the best alignment practice. The secondpagesport yoga mat with alignment system helps take the guesswork out of answering the important question, "Am I doing this right?" With the support of a mat like this, even new yogis can appreciate the safety and effectiveness of home practice full of confidence.

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